Let’s (don’t) Twist Again

February 12, 2009 at 12:49 am 1 comment

There are many great things about the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  We’ve got authentic cowboys and horses, old west shops and saloons, hotter than hell summers and hardly any snow ………..  ever.  But we do have tornado’s.  They don’t call them Texas Twisters for nothing.  I live in what we here in the South refer to as “Tornado Alley”.  Every spring and summer it’s hold on to your hat and hope for the best.  Last night was one of those strange, and scary times.  When the air is damp and muggy all day long, and it’s 68 degrees and breezy in the middle of February you’ve got the makings of a real, “Toto we’re not in Kansas anymore” storm.

So my mini-me’s and I were sitting in the family room watching the tube when out of no-where the sirens went off.  Must be some sort of test I said to the kids because it’s not super windy, there is no hail, and no rain.  No nothing actually.  But, just to be on the safe side we switched from our regularly scheduled cartoon surfing to some real news and tuned in.  The time was 9:28 pm.  The weatherman was there waiting for us, pointing out this little round circle thingy spinning on a map that appeared to be right over my house.  Take immediate shelter he said.  Run to the center of your home he warned.  Stay away from the windows he crooned on.  The time was 9:30.  Still no sign of a storm.  You there in the area – you’ve got 2 minutes.  He practically pleaded with us to take immediate cover.  Like please.  What was he smoking?  We who have been pregnant in the Texas heat know better than to believe the weatherman.  And he was scaring my kids.  But then it hit.  The wind wisped a little stronger, we heard the breeze blowing outside and the rain and hail began to fall.  All of a sudden I’m yelling at the kids – run to the hallway, grab a pillow let’s goooooooo.  The house began to shake all over and about the time I started to officially freak out poof, it was gone.  All over.  The time was about 9:34.  The whole thing took less than a minute really.  And then we were back to our regularly scheduled programming.

We said goodbye to one of our peach trees this morning (psssst- it was dead already but the kids didn’t know), picked up our trash cans and headed out to see the damage.  I’m sure glad I’m not one of these guys:


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  • 1. gaylen  |  February 12, 2009 at 6:21 am

    Scary! Glad you guys are okay. g


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