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Lace Obsession

OK this lace thing is way more serious than I originally thought.  It’s all I think about, day and night.  I wake up and get ready for work, hoping the day goes by fast so I can get home and knit.  Then when I get home I switch to my sweats, grab a diet coke (can’t knit without that) and then assume the position on the couch.  Days turn to weeks and weeks are for waiting for the weekend when I can spend some serious time with my needles.  I’ve stopped cooking dinner and lost 3  pounds.  A mountain of laundry awaits and the animals are no longer speaking to me.  Hmmmm.  Maybe a new diet book in the making here but that would take time away from my precious lace.

So I’ve made it through all of the budding lace repeats of this shawl.  It seemed small to me so I decided to be brave and go for enlarging it.  I’ve completed that part and have attempted to move on to the Lily of the Valley border.  Sadly, I have encountered “the nupps”.  Dreadful nasty little things that are 5 stitches in one on the front and then you have to purl all 5 together back into one stitch on the back.  Nancy Bush makes it look so simple but believe me they are far from easy.  So I knit a few rows with the nupps and realized that they looked like bad hair sticking out everywhere so I ripped back.  With new knowledge and confidence I began again (the first 2 rows are only knit & purl so I’m safe there).  I got all the way through the first set of nupps and found 4 that I had missed a loop on and so had this little thumb looking thing sticking out of them.  No way was I ripping but if I had only known then what I know now.  I tried to correct them on the next row.  No can do and I still ended up ripping.  I started yet again and made CERTAIN that I had all of the loops for each nupp.  I made it through the first set.  Whew.  Oops no I missed one and “tinked” (that’s “knit” backwards) ever so carefully back to the nupp and re-did it.  Now I’m all done with these two rows again for like the 6th time and I’m off a stitch.   Right now I think I just need to chill the hell out but I can’t.  It calls to me in my sleep. 

Gaylen, honey I’m so sorry.  Lace has turned me into a flake.  I hope ya’ll are all doing well over there in sock land.


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Might As Well Face It I’m Addicted To Lace

So is there like a LA (Lace Anonymous)  group that meets for this or something?  Seriously folks I’m in a little over my head here.  Ya’ll remember my Saturday Outing?  Well I didn’t really realize I was buying LACE.  That dainty, small yarn that your grandma used to tat or make doilies out of – yep that’s the stuff.  Except for me it’s scarves and shawls and beauties of old.  I love knitting lace.  I mean really, really LOVE it.  So much that I’ve not wanted to do anything else.  Dishes – eat off paper.  Laundry – who cares.   Blog smog – I just want to knit my pretty lace.  My poor sock friends must think I’ve died and gone to that knit shop in the sky because for real folks – I’ve been a sittin my butt on the sofa with my new Addi super-de-duper pointed needles and working on this thing called a Swallowtail Shawl in Baby Alpaca Heather (thank you very much Emily and The Shabby Sheep).

Swallowtail Lace In Progress
Swallowtail Lace In Progress

Now I realize it may not look like much to you but this is what I’ve been slaving away over day and night, night and day for the past few weeks.  I can’t stop.  Gotta knit my lace.  Check out all of those glorious lifelines too.  In case you didn’t know because I didn’t before; a lifeline is a piece of yarn insterted across your last known good row in case you screw up and have to rip it out.  You’ll only unravel down to the . . . . you guessed it . . . . the lifeline.  Pretty cool invention huh?

So, going forward into March and Spring (what a grand time to be knitting lace) I promise to try and do a better job of pulling my head out more often than once every few weeks to say howdy and keep ya’ll up to date so you’ll know I’m still alive and knitting.  To my friends knitting socks with stash – I’m still in – just on a detour at the moment.

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