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She Wore A Raspberry Beret

The kind that you knit at a Local Yarn Store
Raspberry Beret
I think I lo-o-o-ve you ūüôā

Raspberry Beret

Raspberry Beret

Couldn’t resist this one….. and now back to my regularly scheduled knitting.


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A Long One

This week my little world has been rocked by two people.¬† It’s a sad but somehow sweet and uplifting story about two completely unrelated deaths.¬†

The first is a second grader who has been suffering from cancer for 4 years now.¬† He made it home to rest with the Lord last Friday and the services were yesterday.¬† I did not know him.¬† Since I did not know him you might be asking why is she writing about this?¬† I am writing about this because I happen to work at a church – the church where the funeral services were held.¬† Our church has been praying for this family for many years.¬† Yesterday was a long and difficult day around here let me just tell you.¬† As I was walking through the general area I went outside where a group of¬† children were laughing and running and playing and I thought to myself, “these people inside will never get the opportunity again to hug their son or see him run and play even just one more time”.¬† Death is pretty final that way.¬† On the other hand it is such a blessing to know that this child is finally free of all suffering.¬†¬†In the last four years this little boy¬†spent¬†220 nights in a hospital, endured more than 40 blood transfusions, 2 dozen platelet transfusions, 25 rounds of chemo, 14 surgeries, 2 bone marrow transplants and countless procedures throughout the¬†US and Guatemala.¬† So, when I say free of suffering¬†I’m not¬†just throwing out lip service here.¬† My heart and prayers go out to this family and my hat goes off to them for giving¬†it their all.¬† ¬†Needless to say that was my wake up call to take lunch home and hug my own two kiddos and be truly grateful for what I do indeed have if you know what I mean.¬† I am blessed and I am a better person because of what I witnessed here yesterday.

Now, the second is a little closer to home.¬† My son is a boy scout.¬† I love my boy scout.¬† As fate would have it this year he did not attend summer camp.¬† So it was that we were home last Friday evening when we got¬†the call letting us know that there had been a rafting accident in the mountains.¬† The raft hit a rapid, and overturned.¬† All of the rafters swam to shore OK but then one of the dads began to feel ill.¬† He suffered a heart attack and died on the shore.¬†¬† So, after a long day at work I went home to grab a quick dinner and off we went to the Vigil for my son’s Assistant Scout Master.¬† My son was hesitating and I knew he was not comfortable going.¬† I said, “Son let me tell you that there are some things in life that¬† you do not want to do but too bad – you do them anyway because they are the right things to do”.¬†¬† We arrived a little early and the¬†boy of the deceased¬†(my son’s fellow scout and friend) was on us before we could get in the door.¬† He was embracing my son and telling him how good it was to see him, and how much they had missed him on this trip.¬† Wow.¬† My heart goes out to this family and wow – what a young man indeed!¬† Shortly afterwards the other scouts came in one by one and we all went inside to sit together.¬† As we were all sitting there I was overwhelmed by¬†the sense of friendship and connection we all shared.¬† My son has been involved¬†in scouts since kindergarten and so many of us have been together for 10+ years now – through good times and bad we’ve watched our kids grow.¬† My friend Jamie came in and it dawned on me that this was not the first time she and I attended a funeral together.¬† When our boy’s 5th grade teacher passed (gosh has it been¬†4 years already?) we were there.¬† We have been there through pinewood derby’s and chili cook-offs, surgeries, PTA sales and birthday parties too.¬† I took immense comfort in these friendships around me, solid as a rock,¬†and I know my son felt it as well.¬† The service was absolutely beautiful and truly a celebration of how great this man had been but on a more personal level somehow¬†my son and I¬†were blessed in a way words can not describe.¬† On the way home my son (who was so glad he went¬†after all) said, “Wow Mom, I hope when I die I leave that kind of legacy and people remember me so fondly”.¬† I quickly instructed him in no uncertain¬†terms that he was NOT ¬†to die before me and then said “but Son, if you died tomorrow you already have”.

Feeling very blessed in Dallas today.

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Thank You!

Dear Sandra,

I just wanted to¬†say thank you so very much for all you do.¬† Your personality and customer service are delightful and your attention to detail is fabulous.¬† They don’t sing your praises for nothing!

Thank you so much for the contests and freebies you throw out at us and I especially want to say thanks for the free pattern I recently won.¬† I¬†rarely win anything (keep me out of Vegas) and¬†this is the first item knit-wise I have ever won.¬† ¬†I can’t wait to knit these¬†truly “pretty¬†socks”.¬† You are appreciated for your kindness!

Very Truly Yours,


Anne Pretty Socks by Chris Carroll and Schaefer Yarn

Anne Pretty Socks by Chris Carroll and Schaefer Yarn

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Friday Friday – Glorious Friday

It’s here.¬† Finally.¬† I am so ready for the weekend.¬† Other than a few hair cuts it’s going to be a quiet one.¬† I started my official Friday this morning by going into work early so I could cut out for a few hours and go with my friend, Anne, downtown to the Shabby Sheep The Shabby Sheepfor their big CRAZY FROM THE HEAT SUMMER SALE.¬†¬† It was a biggie.¬† The lawn was filled with tubs and tubs of yarn and patterns at 60% off.¬†¬† Moving on to the front porch there was more but I’ve got to tell you that even at 10:00am here in Dallas we were already approaching 3 digit temperatures.¬† So inside we went where everything was at least 30% off AND they served us cold drinks and adorable sugar cookies decorated like sheep.¬† I told ya’ll it was good.¬†¬† I picked up enough yarn for two different scarves, two berets (that’s my next knit I think) and some socks.¬† Now, I’ve been trying to tame my sock stash this year, have done well up till now,¬†and am an official member of the Stash Sock Club on Ravelry even but this was just too good to pass up.¬†¬† So here I’ve been sitting back at my office all dang day with my new stash waiting for me outside in the car.¬† Oh the weekend is going to be so sweet indeed!¬† Hope yours is grand as well.

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Wee Tiny Socks Part 2

Let Freedom EarRing

Let Freedom EarRing

Talk about procrastination.¬† I finished these little, well “wee tiny” actually earrings just in the nick of time to wear for the 4th festivities.¬† I should have posted these sooner but ya’ll know how I am (hanging head in shame).¬†

Anyway, here they are and I’m sharing them with you now so better late than never right?

While I’m here I might as well go ahead and go for broke.¬† A couple of days ago I finished April’s Kai-Mei socks.¬† They look so cute on her!

Kai-Meis for April

Kai-Mei's for April

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