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Living Dead (And Happy) In Dallas

June is looking good.  Season 2 of True Blood (Living Dead In Dallas) has begun and it would seem Gran was a knitter.  I knew I liked that woman!  Too bad they killed her off in the first book.  I can’t wait to see what a Dallas Vamp looks like.  I don’t know about Living Dead but I do know it’s hotter than hell here already so this summer is going to be a killer.  I am so excited though because I’ve joined my very first EVER KAL (that’s Knit-A-Long for my non-knitting friends; gasp).   Some super wonderful ladies and and I will all be knitting the Midnight Lace Scarf designed by Chrissy Gardiner as the show (and temperature) heats up.  After checking my mailbox for what seems like an eternity my yarn, in a gorgeous soft Blud Blood Red appeared yesterday.  Oh happy day.  Thank you thank you Sandra!  I may not get my cleaning done again!

Living Dead In Dallas

Living Dead In Dallas

P.S.  If you want to come and knit with us please join us on Ravelry at the group.  We’d “truly bloody” love to see you there.

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Fun Socks Friday

Fun Socks

Fun Socks

 I really finished these over Memorial Day but ya’ll know what  a flake I can be when it comes to blogging.  So in an effort to correct a missed pair of finished socks here are April’s latest pair.  She loves them.

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Why Clean When You Can Knit?

I’ve finally come around to incorporating lace into my socks.   Last Saturday the kids were gone and I had the whole day to  myself.  At first I started cleaning and then it hit me.  Duh.  A whole day . . . . . to myself . . . .   So I headed to my LYS for a fix of some new double pointed size 2 sock needles and to hang out and pet the yarn for a while.  I had a great time shopping and visiting.  Next stop was McDonald’s drive-through for a Big Mac, fries and diet coke (shhhh – don’t tell my kids).  Then it was back home for a day of rest and knitting.  I put the dogs out because they were a threat to my lunch and then loaded up the dvd player with the entire first season of True Blood (something else I could NEVER do with the kids home).  By the time they got home I had a serious vampire fix and this.

Victorian Lace Anklets

Victorian Lace Anklets (Pattern at

Here’s to lazy Saturdays.

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And The Winner Is Twilight

I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I’m a big Twilight Saga fan.  I’ve read all 4 books and loved them and yes I do own the movie.  So I have to say how happy I was Sunday night while watching the MTV Movie Awards.  I know that they are not Oscars or Golden Globes but hey, isn’t MTV the “People’s Choice”?   I know that other real people picked which to me is better anyway.  So, wowsa.  Did the people pick!  I lost count of the numbers but congratulations Stephanie Meyer, Catherine Hardwicke and all the gorgeous cast of Twilight.  I’m anxiously waiting for New Moon.

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Wee Tiny Socks

These little (well Tiny actually) babies are so cute.  I  saw a pair this past week and knew I had to knit them so I was off and ordering patterns and needles that are smaller than toothpicks – gasp – yes smaller than toothpicks.  The heels are actually turned and everything.  And I might just finish a pair in a timely fashion too.  There are tiny socks in Red, White, & Blue and even Wee Christmas stockings.  I’m thinking the possibilities are endless.  Then I find out that there is a Wee Tiny Sock Club complete with Wee Tiny sock patterns, yarn, coordinating stitch markers, notions and Surprise Goodies.  The summer is sold (sadly I didn’t make it fast enough either) out but check out Darcy’s blog here or Meg’s here for more information about future clubs.  I’m going to get in the next one!

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