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Will Blog for Free Set!

IsabellaI’ve been in love with the new Isabella pattern set from ever since I first saw it.  Heck there are lots of things there I love which is why my knit queue is growing daily (well that and Ravelry).  I meant to tell y’all about this earlier in the month but high school marching band has taken over my life and time got away from me.  Yes that’s it……..that’s why I haven’t blogged in a while too – uh huh.  And y’all still know and treat me well anyway! 

For my friends in the sock world if you read this today there is a give away for this pattern and some yarn to knit it.  Go here to Darcy’s Knotty Knitter blog for more information.  It’s not socks but the next best thing!  If you read this too late please forgive me for not telling you about it sooner.  I’ll try and blog better next time. 


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Fast Food Nation Indeed

I haven’t read the book.  I haven’t seen the movie.  But I seem to have developed a fast food addiction.  Now I can’t be alone in this because all one needs do is Google it and a plethora of information abounds.  There are articles from USAToday, Yahoo, and even a 7 Step program exists on wikihow describing how to overcome an addiction to fast food.  There are tests you can take to determine if you are addicted, and to what extent.  So here’s the deal.  I’m a single mom.  I live off of one income.  I’ve got 2 kids and life is expensive.  Lately I’ve been feeling as pinched as the next guy in the finance department if you get my drift.  I was whining to Mom about it the other night and she said, “you know……. I’ve been thinking and I honestly don’t see where all your money goes.  You do a good job of keeping bills in line and credit down and you make “x” so you should have enough”.  She does not know the extent of my yarn expenses and let’s just keep it that way shall we?  I mean what’s the point of living single if you can’t have your secrets?  Back to the story.

So, knowing she was right I started wondering where DOES my money go?  Yesterday I figured it out.  I went to check my bank balance and was shocked, (SHOCKED I say) to discover that I had a big fat goose egg in there.  With a heavy heart I logged off and tried to figure out what to do until Friday.  I mean I’ve got savings and I’ve got overdraft so it’s all going to be OK but I just couldn’t believe my entire paycheck was gone.  I even went back in to double check.  It was at this point that I began to really look at my expenses.    A few fast reports later and here is what I found in the dining out/fast food department:  January $256, February $276, March $381, April $429 (gasp), May $247, and June $372.  I have not put July in yet but why bother?  I think we all know there is a problem here.  Since I’ve got teenagers who do not go to sit down restaurants let me assure you that every penny is drive through or donut expenses.  So yesterday morning I made a decision.  No more fast food, period (until the end of the year at least).  Good-bye Ronald McD.  So long King, asta la vista little dog.  It’s been fun but I am through with you.   The kids were sad until I agreed to split the savings with them.  Now they are trying to come up with creative ways to make dinner fast and easy without the drive-through.   They are scanning the grocery aisles for fresh new ideas.  Have I told ya’ll lately what great kids I’ve got?  If any of you have advice for us in how you fix fast meals at home and avoid the drive-through we are open for suggestions and we’d love to hear from you.

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Oh The Things You Can Think

After months of preparation, planning, and rehearsals this past weekend was THE big weekend event of the year for this kids in our church.  Each year they put on a creative arts camp and perform 4 shows of the selected musical.  Last year was Godspell.  This year was Seussical – The Music of Dr. Seuss.  I’m so proud of my little starlette who is down front in the purple scarf with green and purple hair. 


And through all the craziness of the weekend I finally managed to finish up my slippery Slope Socks.   Slippery Slope Socks

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Must . . . . . Knit . . . . . Faster



Is it just me or are the too many dang cute things to knit out there these days?  I swear I have knitters ADD (you may have heard this a time or two from me before). Just when I think I’ve got my line-up arranged and in the proper queue along comes another something I feel I simply just HAVE to knit. This one calls to me as a Christmas Gift so am I excused do you think? Is this enough justification for ordering just ….. one ….. more …… thing. I mean my front porch is not even cold from my last shipment from Sandra Singh AND I’ve made a visit to my LYS AND have another order coming from Knitpicks (oh wait – those are just needles do they count?). OK so here it is. The new thing that has put ants in my pants. The one more thing I’m swooning to knit. Isn’t it the most gorgeous set?  Isn’t it amazing?  I looooooove it.  Oh who am I kidding – forget the gift – I want it.  It’s called Isabella by Through the Loops Designs and you can only get it at Sandra’s because it’s an exclusive design for her. So what do you all think? Isn’t it gorgeous? Can you feel my pain? Anybody want to do a KAL with me (looking for more justification here people help me out).  I really do love this set. 

Isabella Scarf & Mittens
Isabella Scarf & Mittens

Look How Cute I go with Jeans!!!

Look How Cute I go with Jeans!!!

Did I tell you I look cute with Jeans?
Buy me . . . . knit me . . .

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